As much as I’d love to say that I’m incredibly adventurous and that I’ve been to so many places that I’ve lost count- that just isn’t me. Although I don’t venture out of my comfort zone often I do know a few amazing places in town.

One of my all time favourite spots without any competition is McBrides Bakery located at 1791 Dunmore Rd SE. This bakery is locally owned and the desserts are baked fresh. I was introduced to their sweet, delicious and addicting goods by my cousin who use to live by the strip mall almost four or more years ago. We would first stop by Animal World and take some time to visiting the animals then make are way over to McBrides for some treats. We’d make sure to save up during the week so we can continue this ritual on the weekends. With so many great things to choose from it quickly became a family favourite and ever since then it’s been my little slice of heaven.

Another location in my top 3 places to visit may not have tasty donuts and pizza pretzels or air conditioning but it does still have its own great characteristics. Echo Dale is typically the place to be during the summer. Beautiful, luscious grass so you’re free to play whatever sport you want, cool pond you can take a dip into on those scorching summer days, and a bit of sand if you miss the feeling of having bits of grain in your swimsuit. It offers a family-friendly, fun atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy yourself with friends and family. It’s like having our own southern prairie beach.

Another location I favour quite a bit is the stampede grounds. For a short time in August it is jampacked with rides, food stands, games, and more. Its one of the major summer events each year. Every time I attend the Midway during stampede I get the chance to meet up with old friends and sometimes meet new ones. So much effort and time gets put into the events surrounding this and hundreds of people are able to take part in it. It’s something that offers enjoyment for kids and adults alike. Every year i’m able to go I just have to ride at least one of the ridiculous rides. You know the ones; they either spin you too fast or turn you upside down or drop you from a great height or even a combination of all three. Just the thought of it has my stomach feeling queasy… and I can’t wait to go back.

Summer time in the Hat offers us a lot of options but these three locations will always be my favourite places. 

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