Hello, Hello, Hello~!! Welcome to the blog of yours truly. Thank you for visit, I really hope they’ll be frequent in the future, but before we embark on this journey together I think there are three important things you must know about me first. My background, my platform, and a bit about me personally.

Let’s start with background shall we, the story takes place long ago on a planet called Krypton – actually, scratch that, wrong story. Sorry to disappoint but I’m not actually a superhero from another planet, I am however a human girl who was lucky enough to be given an amazing opportunity. My mother and father are both from South Sudan and belong to the Nuer tribe. My mother was raised in a traditionally tribal setting in the province of Bentiu but I was born in a city called Jimma, Ethiopia in 1999. Unfortunately, due to dire circumstances caused by the ongoing conflict in Sudan (current day South and North Sudan), my family was forced to escape South Sudan and find refuge in Ethiopia. The transition is a lot easier to explain than to participate in. Travel to Ethiopia was long, treacherous, as well as mentally, spiritually, and physically draining.  My family then settled in Ethiopia for 10 years, all of which were spent in a refugee camp. I came along for the last year they spent in Ethiopia, during that time my mother worked hard to take care of us meanwhile attempting to get an education and applying for Canadian citizenship. There were certainly many obstacles and people who attempted to prevent her from succeeding nevertheless, she persisted. From her efforts came hope and a new life. My family was able to finally settle in Ontario, Canada in December of 2000. By no means was life easy here but Canada was filled with more opportunity and much more peace.

The events of mother’s, my family’s success and the ability for me to have a good life plays a large part in why I chose my platform.

My platform is giving a voice to those who feel ignored by the global community. I understand that the world is progressing and many collectives had the ability to speak out against injustices but there are many people who go ignored. Prejudice is very much still present in society and so there have been many situations in which what someone has to say may be dismissed or not taken seriously because of skin tone, ethnicity, whether or not they may have an accent, and many other reasons. So with my understanding of the struggles that refugees face and the understanding that there is more to them besides their traumatic experiences, with the chance of education and a voice in Miss Teenage Canada I hope to educate and connect people from different walks of life. The feeling of meaningless, realizing that you are not seen as equal or even human is a painful, unimaginable experience and those who have had to suffer through that deserve a voice. I would like to do my part in calling to attention the horrors that take place in South Sudan and other countries by assisting on projects carried out by Free The Children and not only help but connect and learn about the families and people we will meet so that I can share their stories. It can be life changing for your voice to be heard.

To me, all individuals deserve respect. Now, all seriousness aside, I guess you’re still wondering about who the want to be Kryptonian is. I am a 17-year-old energetic, outgoing senior (Grad 2017!) who hopes to become a nurse and eventually one day join Doctors without Borders. I have an interest in a variety of activities including dance, basketball, gymnastics/cheer, singing, track and field, biology, fashion, and art – specifically sketching people/manga and watercolor. Although I enjoy these activities I’m self-taught in most of them. I have such a strong love for diversity and feel so proud when people celebrate their differences. I believe diversity is beautiful in itself, and that just might be the reason why my music tastes and style is a spectrum. I listen to everything from Aqua to Sleeping with Sirens, Mary J. Blige to the occasional round of classical and I even enjoy music from other countries like Ethiopia, South Korea, and Trinidad.

I am incredibly excited to be representing Medicine Hat in Toronto this summer and I can’t wait to share all the incredible moments with you! Thank

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